Our Team

We’re a group of strategists and content producers directly engaging with the world of play and interactivity.

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Jamin Warren


Formerly a culture reporter for the Wall Street Journal, he serves as an advisor to MoMA's department of Architecture and Design. His thoughts on games and digital culture have been featured in the New Yorker, New York Times, Paris Review and others. Jamin was also the host of Telly-winning PBS Digital Studios series “Game/Show,” which netted over 10 million viewers.

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Mindy Lee

Mindy is a Los Angeles native and has worked as a data analyst in machine learning, politics, and social media before making the jump into experience design. When she’s not exploring Starbound or trying out Overwatch, she’s coercing people to play her favorite tabletop: Terra Mystica.


Brandon Montes-Nguyen
Junior Account Executive

Brandon grew up on the central coast of California. Before working at Twofivesix, he attended the University of Oregon and worked at AKQA on the Nike and Verizon accounts. He wanted to become a professional baseball player but settled for working in strategy. He enjoys skateboarding, sneakers, and considers himself an average threat behind the arc. Currently he's playing Overwatch.

Tricia Tongco headshot

Tricia Tongco
Content Manager

Tricia Tongco earned a master's in journalism from the University of Southern California and has since written for The Huffington Post and ATTN, covering everything from art to politics. She has also done content marketing and digital advertising for interesting companies such as Goodreads, Yahoo, and LACMA, and has conducted research for the educational TV comedy Adam Ruins Everything and the investigative podcast Repeat. Currently, her favorite game is Donut County.

Paolo Yumol headshot

Paolo Yumol
Content Producer

Paolo is from San Francisco and is a recent graduate of Oberlin College, where they studied creative writing. They previously worked at 826LA, a non-profit writing center for youth, as a store clerk, and make things in their free time—music, films, small and simple video games. They just finished Nier: Automata and are in a constant state of worrying about how they'll ever finish Kingdom Hearts: 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX in time for Kingdom Hearts 3.


Maanasa Sundara
Associate Producer

Maanasa is from Fremont, CA. She is a graduate from UC Davis where she studied Cinema and digital media. Prior to Twofivesix she interned at Macro Ventures and hosted a radio show on KDVS. She is a burgeoning creative who likes to work with film, fashion and media art. She also enjoys feeding others. She is currently tending to her virtual cats on Neko Atsume.

Mykel Dodson headshot

Mykel Dodson

Mykel is an East Coast native originally from Virginia Beach, VA. Prior to joining Twofivesix, he has served in various positions in production and post production for Discovery, Oprah Winfrey Network, China Global Television Network, Smuggler, Leftfield Pictures, Zillow, and others. His interests include: education, music, cultural diplomacy, and waffles. He is currently playing Detroit: Become Human.


Joann Shin
Junior Designer

Joann is from Fullerton, California in Orange County. She likes to take long walks, explore new areas and food, and bother her dog until he runs away from her. Her favorite game changes from month to month but currently, she’s obsessed with Matchington on her phone.

Lyn Rafil

Lyn studied Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University. They read comics, watch movies, and play Dungeons & Dragons. They’re currently hooked on Stardew Valley.